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Meet our Pastor

Father Michael FyeFr Fye

Phone: 615-298-1782

Email: [email protected]


Hello Saint Ann!

 Praised be Jesus Christ! All Christians are honored to bear the name of Jesus in their soul. Such a name grants great blessings, as well as great responsibilities. The saints recognized this truth daily, responding with humility and courage. I am excited to join you in striving to imitate the saints and especially Jesus. As one of Jesus' priests, I am doubly honored to serve the Eternal Shepherd as your shepherd at Saint Ann Parish.

 By God's grace, I have a great desire that all people come to know and love their God. I have been given the mission field of Saint Ann and West Nashville. The fact that I am not alone, that I am shepherding hundreds of households who already know Jesus, is a great blessing and source of joy. I aim to serve the families of Saint Ann through watchful governance, prophetic preaching, and faithful and sanctifying prayer. All too often, Christians see the Gospel as a burden or a mere hobby. We know the gospel to be truly Good News! The newness of the gospel is precisely found in the vibrant lives of Catholics living ancient and timeless truths. Saint Ann must be a place of fiery faith and peaceful repose, energetic prayer and joyful silence, triumphant truth and burning love. The parish is only as good as the homes and families it serves. What is true of Saint Ann must also be true of each family who attends. I look forward to joining with you in daily turning toward our Thrice-Holy God of Love and begging for his continued presence among us, especially in our families.

 I tell you this because I feel God called me to the priesthood, in part, to support families and the vocation of marriage. I am the beneficiary of a loving family, with wonderful parents and a brother and a sister. We grew up in Dickson County, and I attended Saint Patrick's Elementary School in McEwen, TN. I attended Creek Wood public high school and went on to study philosophy at the Pontifical College Josephinum in Columbus, OH. Afterwards, I studied theology at the Pontifical University of the Holy Cross in Rome, Italy, while living at the Pontifical North American College. I finished my studies with a License in Moral Theology from the University of Saint Thomas Aquinas. Since being ordained in 2014, I have primarily been assigned as chaplain for University Catholic, which serves all the university students in Nashville. As we begin 2019, I have been given the dual assignment of University Catholic and Saint Ann Parish.

 When I get the chance, I enjoy backpacking and rock-climbing. I am an amateur astronomer, and I am currently learning to play the guitar. I very much look forward to getting to know each one of you. If at all possible, I would love to be invited to bless your home and to meet your family. What better way to get to know the people for whom I am praying and preaching! Please pray for me as your priest. I simply cannot fulfill my vocation and its responsibilities alone. Your prayers are the most important thing I need. Nothing else comes close. Every one of you is in my prayers and sacrifices!