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Library/Reading Culture

Reading, writing, and arithmetic are very important to our curriculum at Saint Ann School. Our primary emphasis has been on reading, as it plays such an integral role in all the other coursework and lays the foundation for life-long learners. To support this reading culture, we use the Accelerated Reading Enterprise program for reading practice. We have adopted the expanded the format of AR, and this has opened up many more choices for our students. Choosing from over 110,000 books allows even reluctant readers to find books that will interest them.

Students are encouraged to read daily and many teachers provide DEAR (Drop  Everything And Read) time for students during the school day.  The AR program incentivizes the reading and as students earn points throughout the year they are rewarded with token prizes and ultimately a year end field trip. 

Library classes provide a forum for book discussion and recommendations, both from the school librarian and from other students. Taking the STAR diagnostic test helps place students in the reading zone that will result in the greatest gains in their reading skills. Progress is then documented, not only through our annual standardized tests, but on a regular basis with AR book tests. Saint Ann students are indeed surrounded by a climate that encourages and cultivates a love for the written word.