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Dress Code

The purpose of uniforms is to develop a greater sense of school community, reduce long-term cost to families, and to minimize distractions so that an atmosphere conducive to learning is fostered. The Saint Ann School uniform must be worn at all times throughout the school year, beginning the first day of school, unless otherwise announced. Shirts are required to be tucked into shorts, pants, or skirts at all times while on campus, with the exception of recess and Health class.

Students are to remain in uniform, and dress code policies are in effect, from arrival on campus in the morning to student departure from campus in the afternoon.  This includes time spent at student clubs and/or after school activities.  Exceptions are made for students in the AfterCare program at the discretion of the AfterCare Director.

NOTE: Some uniform decisions will be made at the discretion of the principal.

For details about ordering new Saint Ann School uniforms, please visit the Dennis website

Please see the Student Family Handbook for complete dress code expectations.

Out of uniforms days- Out of uniform days are referred to as Duds Days at Saint Ann School.  All Duds Days will be communicated through Tuesday Tidbits.  On a Duds Day students may come out of uniform but within the school guidelines.  Please do not wear clothes with inappropriate messages, tears, or unclean.  Shirts, shorts, dresses, and skirts should not be inappropriate revealing. 

Spirit Days- Throughout the year students will be invited to wear a Saint Ann spirit shirt to school and any type of out of uniform bottoms.