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Ongoing improvement is at the heart of Saint Ann School’s educational mission. Every day our teachers and staff work tirelessly to teach, model and inspire in order to promote continuous growth in our students. They also take on the challenge of continuously improving our entire educational institution by regularly engaging in school accreditation processes.

Seeking accreditation from leading national and international organizations is one important way of ensuring that our school offers the best educational program possible. The administration of Saint Ann School voluntarily submits our school to professional scrutiny by AdvancED/SACS. AdvancED/SACS is an international organization representing both public and non-public schools. The organization evaluates important issues such as organizational excellence, curriculum, professional development, governance, equity and leadership. The goal of AdvancED/SACS is to work to strengthen creativity and innovation in accredited schools and promote the highest quality educational standards and ethical conduct.

Saint Ann School engages in continuous improvement because its leadership believes in the importance of Catholic education and the mission of Saint Ann School.