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November 2017 saw the conclusion of The Year of Prayer.

As a parish we have enriched and increased our use of prayer in many ways during the year.  Our banners are a physical reminder of the power of and the need for prayer. The special Saint Ann Catholic Church "Year of Prayer" prayer helped us to connect during Mass and during the day as a parish family, small prayer and study groups have offered us more opportunities to learn more ways and times to incorporate prayer in our daily lives.

During the Year of Prayer, the community began reciting the rosary together in preparation for Mass and there were increased liturgical options including First Friday adoration, Masses offered to honor veterans, long-term parishioners, and graduates.  We made also made great efforts to reach out to the home bound to include them in our prayer circle. Together these varied opportunities have provided options for all parishioners to increase the use of prayer in their daily lives and to experience its power.

Our "Year of..." journey is intended to bring us closer to God and to strengthen our faith community here at Saint Ann Catholic Church.   Prayer is one way we can accomplish this mission.  We will be continue this path and build on the power of prayer by focusing on the importance of reconciliation in this next Year of the Ministry of Reconciliation.