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Community Ministries

Community Ministries

Altar Guild
Contact: Carol Fike ( or 615-519-4595)

The Altar Guild hosts an annual garage sale to raise funds to purchase needed supplies for Saint Ann Catholic Church including hosts, wine, vestments, candles, etc.  The Guild also collects monies each Advent and Lent to help decorate the altar for Christmas and Easter.  Additionally, a subset of this ministry prepares a meal for grieving families after funerals held at Saint Ann Catholic Church.


Contact: Phil Caldwell (615-438-3155)

As with all families, the Saint Ann Church occasionally experiences the passing of our parishioners and their family members.  When these losses occur, the Bereavement ministry helps prepare the Church for a funeral, greets the relatives and friends arriving for the funeral and assists the funeral director and secure the Church following a funeral.


Craft Group
Contact: Ruth Neal ( or 615-500-5181)

Do you like to knit or crochet?  Do you want to learn? The Craft Group is the place for you!  This groups of parishioners are a welcoming and fun bunch who meet once a month to knit, crochet, quilt, blankets for the babies at Metro General Hospital and Veterans. No experience necessary; experts available to teach the process. Get your yarn together and join them on the 3rd Saturday each month from 10am-12pm in the Parish Life Center.


Engaged Encounter Retreat
Contact: Ruth Neal ( or 615-500-5181)

Saint Ann Catholic Church has a team married couples who volunteer to lead the Engaged Encounter Retreat and share their ideals, attitudes, anecdotes and life experiences with the participating newly engaged couples.  The retreat is designed to help engaged couples prepare for the holy sacrament of Matrimony as well for a lifetime of living as a married couple. 


English Language Learners
j8nkv4pipwonkpkm9cw5uos6kzl.jpgContacts: Teresa Hinson (615-429-4944) and Marnie Huff (

English Language Learners (ELL) are dedicated parishioners who actively help immigrants from foreign countries assimilate into the Nashville community and American culture.  ELL tutors meet in the Parish Life Center on Sundays from 9:30-11am.


Faith and Justice Ministry
Contact: Cliff Cockerham ( or 615-336-3905)

Are you interested in environmental issues and social justice?  Please join the Faith and Justice for prayer, prayerful reflections, education, discussion and activities designed to encourage others both in and out of the parish toward environmental justice.


Haiti Committee
Contact: Matthew Hayes ( or 615-881-2323)

 Help Saint Ann Catholic Church support our Catholic brothers and sisters in Haiti.  The Haiti committee helps ensure the funds raised by our parish has the greatest impact possible for the parishioners of St. Geroge, our sister parish in Haiti.


 Hospital Ministry
Contact: Paul Bell ( or 615-649-1910)

After being trained a Eucharistic Minister, hospital minsters take Holy Eucharist to Catholic patients and their families at Centennial Hospital.  This is a great ministry for busy, working adults as the commitment is once or twice a month and can be performed before, during or after the workday.  There is an application process with Centennial Hospital that must be completed before volunteering for this ministry.

Hospitality Ministry
Contact: Ellen Edenfield ( or 615-646-1576)

This ministry welcomes new parishioners, new babies and newly adopted children, coordinates receptions for parish events, sends cards to those on the parish prayer list and develops activities that extend hospitality to parishioners.  This ministry meets once a year however they are actively involved with events throughout the year.


Knight of Columbus Post #11925
Contact: Grand Knight Jack Jarzab ( or 720-999-3700)

A fraternal service organization of Catholic men, the Knights of Columbus offers an opportunity for fellowship with people who share the same Catholic beliefs and who recognize the same duty to God, family, Church, and community. The local council meets on the second Wednesday of each month at 6:30pm for the Rosary and their meetings begin promptly at 7:00pm.


Knights of Columbus #11925 Ladies Auxiliary
Contact: Brittni Couturier ( or 615-573-0610)

As a supplement to the local Knight of Columbus council, the Ladies Auxiliary offers an opportunity for adult, female, practicing Catholics, 18 years of age or older, or any non-Catholic female married to a member of the St. Ann Knights of Columbus to enjoy fellowship and service.  The Ladies Aux meets on the third Wednesday of each month in the Parish Life Center at 7:00pm.

Loaves and Fishes
3dx63edmhuuz8bm9dgds5hwgjwl.jpgContact: Faye Lee (615-310-5872)

In gratitude for all the blessings we have received, Saint Ann parishioners meet once a month to help feed the hungry by cooking, serving guests, and cleaning the kitchen and dining room at Holy Name Parish Center.  Loaves and Fishes serves the hungry on the third Wednesday of each month from 9:00am-2:30pm. 


Prayer Warriors

Contact: Stephanie Jakes ( or 615-277-9663)

The power of prayer can be miraculous! The Prayer Warriors offer the commitment of a personal prayer for all those in need, when they need it. Prayer requests should be sent to the parish office and Prayer Warriors will receive emails when prayers are requested.


Contact: Mandi Pitt-Reed ( or 615-298-1782)

Parishioners at Saint Ann Catholic Church are dedicated to welcoming people interested in becoming Catholic.  By serving as sponsors, mentors and teachers, volunteers faithfully walk the journey with all candidates through the classes, discussions and rites of initiation.  RCIA meets on Tuesday from 6:30-8:30pm in the Parish Life Center from September 12 through Easter.

Sunday School of Religion
Contact: Mandi Pitt-Reed  ( or 615-298-1782)

Active parishioners generously volunteer their time to provide religious education for children, grades K-8, who do not attend Catholic Schools.  This is a vital ministry of the Church and requires many energetic and faith filled adults who love to teach children and watch them blossom in their faith.  Sunday School of Religion meets every Sunday from late August to May from 9:40 -10:45am.

Wisdom Watchers
42z8z744asmp2wtt5ibi5zvebwl.jpgContacts: Kathy Emery ( or 615-298-1436) and Joy Murphey ( or 615-373-9934)

As a committee of caring parishioners, Wisdom Watchers regularly reach out by phone to our parishioners who are 70+ years young to offer assistance, prayers or just provide companionship.  These ministers serve throughout the year and call on parishioners as needed.


Yard Detail
Contact: Parish Office at 615-298-1782

Do you love the outdoors? Join the Saint Ann Catholic Church yard detail and assist with keeping     the Church grounds well-kept.  This includes planting flowers a couple of times a year and watering, weeding, raking leaves in the fall, occasional trimming of grass and some shrubs, and salting & shoveling during cold months.


Youth Group
Contact: Josh and Sara Windham ( or 615-751-7806)

We invite all parishioners who are young at heart to help serve facilitate the Saint Ann Youth Group.  This group provides fun and meaningful opportunities for the students in grades 7th-12th to learn together, serve together, pray together and play together. This is NOT catechetical in the sense of replacing religious education but provides a safe and caring environment surrounded by their peers who share the same desire to deepen their faith.  Youth Group meets together on the first and third Sundays of each month after the 11:00am Mass.